We weren't always warm and toasty masters of comfort. In the early 2010s, we were a bunch of crazy triathletes leaping out of freezing lakes, wishing desperately for a quick way to thaw our popsicle limbs (even in summer!). Turns out, being perpetually cold is a family trait, so fast forward to a chilly 2021 lockdown, and bRrHeato was born! Stuck indoors with nothing but our shivering selves and a whole lot of free time, we decided to invent the solution to our eternal frostbite.


We understand the struggle because hey, we're athletes and outdoor enthusiasts too! We've been there, shivering in our swimsuits, desperately needing a heat hug. That's why we create products that help all you brave souls stay warm and dry, no matter what adventure you're on.

We started small, but the brrHeato flame has definitely grown! We used to be just a glimmer of warmth in a sea of basic black, but now we're a full-blown rainbow, offering cosy comfort in 4 vibrant colours (including a super-stealthy camo option for those who like to conquer the elements ninja-style).


But brrHeato isn't just about looking good (though let's face it, you'll look smokin' warm!), it's about being part of the local athlete community. We chat gear and battle tales with the awesome folks behind local running and sports podcasts, and you can spot our friendly faces cheering you on at a ton of running and triathlon races around Cheshire. Plus, we're thrilled to be warming up athletes at local sports shops, and keep your eyes peeled - we're on a mission to be in a local store near you!

Forget those bulky robes that swallow you whole! At brrHeato, we know athletes crave comfort without sacrificing performance. That's why our robes are designed with a sleek, athletic fit that keeps you warm without feeling restrictive. Whether you're crushing a personal best or cooling down after a hard run, our robes move with you, offering just the right amount of post-workout bliss. Plus, they're machine washable, so you can toss them in the hamper guilt-free – because hey, even superheroes need to do laundry sometimes!


 Not everyone craves the spotlight (though we guarantee you'll look amazing in our vibrant colors!), so we also offer personalized robes! Want your name emblazoned across your back like a superhero cape? Done. Do you have a fierce club badge or a personal best you just have to brag about (we won't judge)? Slap it on! Our robes are the perfect way to celebrate your achievements or simply add a touch of you to your post-workout chill time.

We're all ears (and definitely not frozen ones!) We love feedback and hearing your ideas. So, whether you have a burning question (hopefully not literally) or a suggestion for the next brrHeato must-have, don't be shy! We're just a friendly bunch trying to keep the world warm!